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Okay, kids. There’s no point in keeping this blog now. 

I shall be off and away. 


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Botany: having/bearing yellow fruit.

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(going to bed now. like if you want to continue rps uvu)

Cold Night


Sadik chuckled as he stroked the soft feathers under his wing. He smiled and pressed his face against Iraklis’ neck. “You’re warm.” The Turk murmured.

"Told you I’m furry." He chuckled as well as he could, it sounded more like a hoarse coughing actually. Iraklís couldn’t smile like this but he would have in any other case. The big chimera leaned back a little to make it more comfortable for Sadik.
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Cold Night


He smiled slowly as he was nuzzled. After a moment he downed the other shots quickly before coming off the couch to snuggle up next to lover. “Let me see.”

Iraklís shifted his weight to make room for Sadik and then curled around him. He stretched out his wing and draped it over the man to act like a blanket. Then he turned his head around and licked his cheek fondly. 
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“Sure. Talk all you want.” He shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. The man didn’t know what sort of expectations he actually had to find a stranger not annoying. It was simply that social interaction bothered him, he figured. And of course, that had to be everyone else’s fault. Iraklís silently wondered if he had to be anywhere in the nearest future.

“Okay. Well, what I want to know is, what are you. You don’t smell like a human and this is a new scent. I know you are not anything I caught wind of before.” She asked out of curiosity.

Iraklís was silent for a very long while. He stared blankly ahead and blinked a few times, more slowly than anyone ever would, before he suddenly turned to her as if he had forgotten that she stood next to him. “Oh, you wanted me to talk as well?” He pointed at himself with an innocent expression, surprised. Then he straightened up a bit. “No, I suppose I’m not. People do comment on my smell a lot, I notice. Wonder what’s up with that.” To stress his point Iraklís sniffed at his arm and then shrugged. 

“Yes. I wanted you to talk as well.” She responded. “Well, my sense of smell is very sensitive. I just simply asked because you don’t smell and seem human, you may have the form but you are something else.” Meredith stated as she observed him more.

"Spot on." He shrugged. "To be honest, I haven’t met another one like me so far. As far as I know I’m one of a kind." Iraklís scoffed. "Let me tell you: It sucks."

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