“Was the wrong reaction, huh?” He was still amused and not bothered by her tone of voice. “Did I ruin the mood?” He wanted to know, more curious than worried. He never knew how people would react to the things he said and did and frankly, he had given up trying to understand them.

“Yes, that was absolutely the wrong reaction. What gave it away?” Marzia narrowed her eyes at him, weighing her words carefully. “I believe you might have. However, there is still a chance for things to be turned around. Bring me with you the next time you go to slaughter and I’m sure this conversation can be saved.” Crossing her arms over her chest, her smile started to come back. Marzia always wanted to learn new tricks and Iraklís seemed like the perfect teacher. 

"Okay." He held his hand out to her for a shake. "I’ll go hunting with you if you forgive me the slip-up." Iraklís gave her his most innocent smile. "Deal?" He enjoyed having someone around when he hunted anyway and he felt like Marzia would appreciate it.

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