”To be quite honest with you, I hoped to avoid this.” Iraklís turned to the woman on the ground. Her hands and feet were tied and she was struggling to breathe while being gagged. Bruises and cuts covered her body already but she didn’t bother with it. The knife in the Greek’s hands was enough of a hint that worse things were to come. 

Iraklís watched her fighting the restraints that held her body in place. Most people were crying by now but of course not Marzia. “I apologize for the gag, by the way.” He commented as he walked over to her. “I happen to have sensitive ears and screaming just gives me a headache. He smiled and pointed to a pair of forceps, waiting on the table. “As soon as we have these in place we don’t have to worry about screaming anymore. I want to show you this, look.” He grabbed the tool and walked over to her as she watched with widened eyes. The man pressed the forced against her neck,  piercing the skin with the sharp edges and  clamped her throat. At first she had thought he wanted to choke her with them but she could still breathe. That wasn’t her worry anymore. Instead there was howling pain running riot in her body and she tried to scream. Not a single sound made it out of her mouth. “Amazing, isn’t it?” Iraklís smiled down at her. “I’m clamping your vocal chords. You can’t make a sound.” He fixed the forceps in that position and then drove the dagger into her shoulder. Her body twisted in response and she gasped for air. Again there was silence. “It’s awesome, I know. I learned about it while watching a movie.” He informed her, merrily carrying on with the conversation. Soon another pair of forceps came entered her field of vision. “You’re gonna love this. I might not be a surgeon myself, but you be sure that I learned enough about the human body by now. I know where the pain sits.” He rolled her over, consequentially pressing the metal deeper into her neck, missing the big arteries by millimeters. With tender touches he moved her hair aside to bare her neck to him. “I bet I don’t have to tell you what’s here.” He tapped her skin where her nervous system centered and was the most sensitive. “Please don’t pass out.” With that he rammed the forceps into her back. Of course Marzia didn’t make a sound. She couldn’t after all. But Iraklís imagined that the pain she was experiencing right now was the worst a human body could bear. At least he wouldn’t want to be in her skin. She writhed and definitely tried to scream so he supposed it was working. He pulled the forceps out of her again. “So much for that.” He hummed. It wasn’t like Iraklís stayed unaffected.  Heat pulsed through his body as he watched her struggling to express the pain she felt. He was sure at some point she had passed out but now she was back around. It was a distracting side-effect, yes, but he doubted his arousal would get in the way of his work. It usually didn’t. He put the bloodied tool back on the table and returned to her to retrieve his knife from her shoulder. “Most people are against daggers but I think they make everything an edge more personally.” He smiled down at her and rolled her on her back again. Then Iraklís cut the clothes from her body with mechanic movements. “I once did this to my sister.” He commented before he rammed the blade into her thorax and cut it open. “But I also cut out her tongue so she would shut up. Aren’t you lucky I don’t have to do that with you?” He smiled again and then grabbed the wings of her rib cage. With little difficulty he opened her chest like a book and bared her inner organs to the dim light of the lamp above their heads. “I love the human body.” He grinned madly, like a child that talked about its favorite TV show. 
Marzia was barely moving anymore, too exhausted and in too much pain to even look up. Above her Iraklís began to cut deeper down her body and opened her completely. The knife dug into her innards and sliced them up. He rummaged around in her, taking out organs where he could. “At some level this is fucking disgusting. I really should seek help.” He laughed while Marzia’s mind faded to blackness. 


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