“Okay.” He held his hand out to her for a shake. “I’ll go hunting with you if you forgive me the slip-up.” Iraklís gave her his most innocent smile. “Deal?” He enjoyed having someone around when he hunted anyway and he felt like Marzia would appreciate it.

Marzia took his hand in hers firmly and shook it. “Deal.” Pulling back, she filled her glass and took one last sip. “So what shall we talk about? The past? The future? The present? Which tickles your fancy?”

"The past bores me. I’ve been there already. The present is a joke. So I’d rather think about the future, though it’s predictable." He smiled a little. "On that note, I’m not entirely sure if I will manage to stand up after this." He glanced at the almost finished bottle of liquor in front of him. 

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